What Our Students Are Saying

  • "MY knowledge in music broadened with the piano lessons. This academy is the best"

    Precious Student - Keyz Music Academy
  • "I have learnt the basics of keyboard which i had no idea of prior to the lessons. Keys Music Academy is the best place to be if you want to learn how to play the keyboard."

    Patience Student - Keyz Music Academy
  • "The world should know that Keyz Music Academy is the best place to be in terms of learning instruments. This is because they have well structured learning syllabus"

    James Topke Atinuke Student - Keyz Music Academy

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Jonathan - Keyboardist

My inspiration is drawn from the Greatest Psalmist - King David. Its my constant prayer that through the sound of my instruments, demons are cast out of men held bound and captives are set free. Healing and Salvation reaches men. The down hearted, are comforted and strengthened. Glory to God. The Power of God's Music.

Aldrich - Keyboardist/MD

I have been playing for 11yrs now and I'm currently into songwriting,arranging of songs, choir directing and also a recording artist. Playing the keyboard has broadened my knowledge in other areas of music such as singing, directing choirs and writing songs. It has also enhanced my level of creativity.

Adebayor - Keyboardist

Playing the piano is one of the best decisions I have Made in life. when i started music career at the Musical Society of Nigeria (MSON), I thought my parents had brought death sentence on me but i was wrong. The piano has brought so much impact into my life, career and marriage.

Pius - Bass Guiterist/Keyboardist

Playing the piano, or any other instrument has personally helped me to meet new people and establish relationships by finding ways to work with people with different ideas. It has also helped tremendously with my concentration skills. You can also take advantage of this.