The Music Party

Lets make music fun and of the value it has from the beginning. Understanding is key, tolerance together with spirituality and with good communication, you will bless your audience better.

Music is about team work. When it’s a team, everything little becomes beautiful. Allow the instrumentalist to be creative. Allow the lead vocalist to express him/herself.

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What Lead/Backing Vocalists should know

A lead singer is a person who has his/her voice stand out from the whole band. The lead singer adds flavour to the song and determines how the song goes. A bad lead vocalist makes a song go bad and that is why it is important we look as some very simple things that you have to keep in mind as a lead vocalist...

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How To Learn New Songs Easily

This tips will help open your ears to what to look out for when trying to learn a song on your own. These are some of the things that will make you independent vocally, not depending on anyone to teach you everything. You should be able to use your ears to pick out very vital things.

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